We propose fully bespoke one-off products developed under an exclusive contract.

Development philosophy

Our methodology follows a loose Agile approach as reflected in the iterative nature of our processes and close cooperation with users and stakeholders.

The importance of preliminary work

To maximise the chances of project success, we pay close attention to the specification phase—for us, requirements elicitation is not a mere cataloguing of what you tell us that you need.

Having well defined requirements is a first necessary step in order to build an accurate picture of what the product needs to achieve and how. However, this by itself is not sufficient: the development team needs to be intimately familiar with the business domain and the environment in which the solution will be deployed.

Close collaboration is a cornerstone of our service philosophy.

We rely a great deal on informal interviews, observation and hands-on practice in order to uncover and evaluate both explicit and unspoken requirements and constraints; we do this by collaborating closely with users and other stakeholders. Whenever possible we send requirements analysts or developers to the actual locations where the solution will be used—wherever that might be.

Staying on track, on budget and on time

We divide the work in small, manageable units taking no more than a few weeks each and include frequent checkpoints in our project plan. This way we can identify quickly when something goes wrong as well as adapt to changes in scope or other circumstances when those occur.

Managing risks and quality

Risk management is integral to our development process. Each project has its own risk plan, commensurate with the size and complexity of the undertaking, and review of risks and uncertainties forms an integral part of regular sprint meetings, discussions and retrospectives.

Being certified in an extremely tightly regulated industry, we are very familiar with compliance processes and the needs of organisations of all sizes and will adapt our approach accordingly. Where deemed necessary, interfaces can be agreed and implemented to bridge our own quality management system with that of our clients in order to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Intellectual property

Often an underlying motivation for initiating a project of the kind in which we specialise, is to gain a competitive edge over other industry actors. We are happy to arrange for the client to acquire all economic rights to our bespoke solutions and, in order that those rights may be exercised effectively, we will give access to all source code, blueprints and internal documentation related to the solution.

Your project

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