How to apply

Send us an anonymous CV via the contact page.

What you want to know

We’re a small consultancy that develops solutions to operate in remote and challenging environments. We value an austere, pragmatic approach to things, close collaboration with clients and delivering maximum value with minimum fuss.

We welcome collaboration with people who are scrupulously impartial and honest, ready and willing to work and who conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism.

Please note that we use anonymous CVs to eliminate non-pertinent data, counter any appearance of bias, and simplify our compliance processes concerning the handling and safekeeping of personal information.

We will get back to you within ten days or less whether we decide to retain your services or not.

What we want to know

Please tell us:

If you already have a CV that covers the points above, feel free to send it to us even if it’s not specifically tailored to these positions. But please do take care to anonymise it first.

Alternatively, a website or code forge profile is also acceptable, but no LinkedIn or anything requiring registration.

What we don’t want to know

We really could not care less about any of the following:

Any submissions containing any of the above information will be discarded without acknowledgement.

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